The Science and Practice of Psychotherapy: 50 years of CMT


SFPRG Is delighted to invite you to our upcoming fall conference in Sicily, 10/17-19 sponsored by SFPRG and the CMT Italian Group

Titled: “The Science and Practice of Psychotherapy: 50 years of CMT”

This conference will cover a wide range of clinical and research topics including:

  • Working with narcissistic patients

  • Shame

  • Developments in case formulation

  • CMT and attachment research

  • Cognitive therapy

  • EMDR

Location: Savoca, SICILY (where the Sicilian scenes of the Godfather were filmed)

Take advantage of the discounted early bird registration by signing up before May 15th

15 CE Credits Available


We recommend staying in these hotels as we will arrange bus transportation to and from the conference site


 Catania is the closest airport to the conference site.  There are flights to Catania from most Italian cities as well as from some European airports.


Thursday, October 17:

  • George Silberschatz  – Contributions of Control-Mastery theory to psychotherapy practice and research followed by discussion.

  • John Curtis – The Plan Formulation Method followed by discussion.

  • John Bugas – Patients’ coaching activity in psychotherapy followed by discussion.


  • Marshall Bush – Shame according to Control-Mastery Theory followed by discussion.

  • Cynthia Shilkret – Working with narcissistic patients followed by discussion.

  • Lunch [13:20-14:30]

  • Francesco Gazzillo – The Italian contributions to Control-Mastery Theory : an overview followed by discussion.

  • Valeria Crisafulli – Control Mastery Theory for children, couples and family followed by discussion.


  • Giuseppe Stefano Biuso – Academy counselling: CMT perspective followed by discussion.

  • Sveva Angrisani – Control Mastery Theory and social services followed by discussion.

Friday, October 18: Symposia

  • CMT and empirical research– Federica Genova

  • CMT and patients with severe personality disorder  – Roberta Alesiani

  • CMT and social services: application – Emma de Luca

  • CMT and child development – Martina Rodomonti and Jim McCullom

  • CMT and training – Francesco Gazzillo and George Silberschatz

  • Round Table : Francesco Gazzillo, Marshall Bush, George Silberschatz, Valeria Crisafulli, Sveva Angrisani e Giuseppe Stefano Biuso – CMT future directions

Saturday, October 19:

  •  Control-Mastery Theory and others approaches

  • Nino Dazzi, CMT attachment and infant research

  • Silvia Mazzoni, CMT and systemic relation psychotherapy

  • Paola Capozzi, CMT and relational psychoanalysis

  • Giampaolo Salvatore, CMT and metacognitive interpersonal theory

  • Angelo Saliani, CMT and clinical cognitivism

  • Chiara Fante, CMT and evolutionary based motivational systems

  • Carla Boselli, CMT and EMDR