SFPRG operates a sliding scale psychotherapy clinic located in the Presidio.  The Presidio Psychotherapy Center (PPC) is a center for clinical training and research that provides mental health services to residents throughout the Bay Area.  Our staff includes clinical psychology interns, MFT and MSW interns, and supervising faculty and clinicians from the community who have been trained in Control Mastery Theory.

Any person seeking psychotherapy is eligible to request consultation from the Presidio Psychotherapy Center. A consultation will assist each person in determining whether our approach is the right therapy for him or her. The clinic fee is $125 per session, but offers a sliding scale based on income. Clients will be asked to participate in outcome research, consisting of a series of brief self-report questionnaires.

To arrange an intake consultation, please call (415) 677-7946, ext.1, Monday through Friday. Any questions you have will be answered in an attentive and confidential manner. Appointments can generally be arranged within seven days of the time you call and are scheduled from 8:00am to 8:00pm weekdays and 9am to 5pm on Saturdays. We welcome people of all ethnic backgrounds, ages, and sexual orientations.